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Cleanroom area with flexible wall elements in different sizes

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A clean environment does not always has to consist of solid wall elements. Such an environment can also be designed with cleanroom foil curtains. This is called softwall cabin. Colloquially it is often spoken of a cleanroom-tent. Not to be confused with our CleanTent.

Operation of a softwall cabin

A softwall cabin works just like a cleanroom solution with fixed wall elements. The filtered air is inserted into the cabin from above. The fixed ceiling with integrated fan-filter-modules (FFU) has a modular design and is supported by pillars. The wall elements are made of PVC-cleanroom curtains or strip curtains. They separate the clean area from the surrounding area. The exhaust air can simply escape under the foil curtains. A softwall cabin is suitable up to air cleanliness class ISO 5 (according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1).

The right solution for your process

The softwall cabin is available in different sizes and can be individually adapted to your process. With appropriate expansion modules, it can be easily adapted to the growing demand for cleanrooms.

Advantage of a softwall cabin

Due to their modular design, softwall cabins can be quickly and easily adapted to the requirements of a clean environment. A softwall solution is particularly suitable for small spaces, as there are no rigid walls that make it difficult to work in a clean environment. In addition, work surfaces, wet workstations, shelving inspection workstations or airlocks can be easily integrated and the required materials simply brought into the clean environment.

Disadvantage of a softwall cabin

However, such a solution is not always suitable for rooms with a high air supply. A high air supply inside may cause the curtains to bulge or protrude outwards. In such cases, cleanroom solutions with fixed wall elements (hardwall) are recommended.

Cleaning also places higher demands on personnel. Furthermore, the films are more difficult to clean than solid walls due to their flexibility.

In addition, discoloration, odour and possible outgassing can occur, which could influence your process.

Areas of application

In many areas a clean environment is required. This does not always has to be a solution with fixed wall elements. Check your requirements and circumstances.

COLANDIS as a partner

We would be happy to advise you on the right solution to protect your process from harmful particles. Such a solution can be a cabin made entirely of softwall elements or a combination of hardwall and softwall elements.

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- variable cleanroom solution - easily expandable and cost-efective
- up to air cleanliness class ISO 5


- easily customizable with expansion modules to increase cleanroom supplies


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