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The need for a clean environment and thus the demand for „We need a cleanroom“ is becoming more and more frequent. But this is not always the case, because small local solutions often protect your process better and more purposefully against harmful particles than in a cleanroom. In addition, such a tight local restriction of the clean environment is more cost-effective than a large cleanroom solution.

The topic „clean air for products“ offers local, tailor-made solutions to protect machines and systems from harmful particles:




A large, cost-intensive cleanroom is not always necessary. It is often sufficient to supply parts of a process chain with clean air to protect the process and make it cleaner. Processes can be shielded and thus protect from external environmental influences completely. Within such a minienvironment an air cleanliness class ISO 1 (according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1) can be achieved. The minimum installation area is limited to the actual necessity and an optimal flow concept can be developed. Specific climatic adaptions are also possible for each individual process step.

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Clean Air Workbench


With a clean air workbench you can create a clean environment in limited circumstances, where it is needed. They are used for tasks where product protection is a priority. Such a clean air workstation can also be adapted to your requirements and additionally equipped with various options such as black construction elements, ionisation system or extraction areas.

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Mobile Cleanroom-Box


The Mobile Cleanroom-Box is a space-saving solution for manufacturing, assembly and testing of products with high cleanliness requirements. It can be used at different places of work and it can be moved. It can be easily and quickly placed on a plain surface and is independent of the environment. A clean environment is not necessary for its operation. Customer-specific equipment such as lighting or flaps can also be integrated.

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Technical devices such as computers are also necessary in a clean environment. When they are used, particles are released that damage the environment. In order to be able to use a computer in a clean environment, COLANDIS has developed an enclosure to extract the harmful particles in the immediate surrounding of the computer and then filter the air into the cleanroom. Uncontrolled contamination by airborne particles from the computer housing can thus be prevented.

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Until now, printers were far away from the clean environment to avoid negative effects on the product or process due to harmful particles. In order to be able to use this printout, valuable time is needed to get this printout, because it is necessary to leave the cleanroom, including removal and re-clothing. To prevent this, COLANDIS has developed a printer enclosure. An effective extraction system with subsequent filtration of  the particles prevents contamination by harmful particles.

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The bodybox enables holistic measurements on clothing, persons or individual devices. Particles can be counted explicitly on a test object or device and thus a conclusion can be made about their cleanroom suitability. Targeted measurements provide information about the actual particle contamination by humans or the device in a clean air environment.

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The cleanroom suitability of the components must also be taken into account when equipping a cleanroom. Equipment that is not suitable for cleanrooms represents an increased risk of contamination of the cleanroom. We will be happy to advise you on projects and their equipment to ensure that your product is not contaminated due to negligence during the process.

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