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A cleanroom is often associated with the requirement to protect a product or process from particles. But creating a clean environment often means more than just placing machines in a cleanroom.

For optimum protection, a consistent concept must be developed - from the beginning to the end of the production chain. It is not enough to take a look at just one section. Because the best solution for protecting a product can only be found by considering the entire process.

Our procedure

We develop a purity concept for the design of your production environment together with you. The focus is on technical solutions that provide the possible protection for the product from damaging environmental influences:

  1. Status Quo: Together we develop a current status. Further questions are: Where are you going? What are the alternatives? Because the right solution can only be found with a concrete objective. Future enlargement should also be considered in order to be able to act with proactive.
  2. Target-actual-comparison: We develop the target values on the basis of measurement results. We bring them together with your goals, plans and challenges.
  3. Analysis of the circumstances: All environmental influences, such as space conditions and transport, are discussed. 
  4. Possible solutions: Based on These analysis, initial solutions are found and discussed with you.

 damaging environmental influences

We also advise you on material selection and compare different components for a pure process.

The right solution for your process

In addition to all questions concerning cleanroom technology, the contents of our Consulting services include support in particular:

  • The clean development, design, construction and manufacture of your process equipment. The purity reaches your machine. This is specifically focused to the process.
  • The search for and optimization of weak points in your machines and devices as well as in production areas.
  • Advice on material selection, component comparison and cleanliness suitability tests. So you know that your product can also be used in clean environments.
  • The support of a device development from concept to production, delivery and commissioning at your premises for reasons of cleanliness.


COLANDIS as partner

Based on our years of knowledge in the field of cleanroom technology and contamination control, we will find the best solution together with you to protect your process. Based on the analysis, in form of measurements, and your questions, we develop a concept to realize your pure environment. To eliminate existing weak points, various approaches to quality assurance are developed and specifically adapted to the circumstances.

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- cleanroom compatible development, design and construction of production equipment and processes
- vulnerability scan and optimisation of them


- your process and your needs are always in focus


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