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Do you need a proof that your products, systems, assemblies or components meet the required airborne particulate cleanliness class? Do your customers want a confirmation that your equipment can be used in a cleanroom, a clean environment or a workplace? Then you should have your products tested.

What is an equipment?

"Equipment includes, e.g. the facilities or objects listed hereafter, which are brought into a controlled environment.

This list of examples of pieces of equipment is based on the list given in VDI 2815 Part 5:

  • production facilities (such as bonders, assembly equipment, filling stations)
  • measuring and testing equipment (such as inspection, facilities, microscopes)
  • equipment for transport and handling (such as linear axles, conveyor belts, robots)
  • storage units (such as boxes, buffers)
  • organization tools (such as workpiece carriers)
  • interior furnishings (such as tables, chairs)
  • elements of interior work (such as walls, doors, ceilings, floors)

[source: VDI 2083; part 9.1 "Terms and definitons"; p. 8]

Cleanroom or cleanliness compatibility - What is measured?

The cleanliness compatibility! Because "compatibility with the required cleanliness serves to assess pieces of equipment or air-handling components in view of their use in cleanrooms. It describes the generation or existence of the contamination generated by, or existing on, the piece of equipment or air-handling component."

[source: VDI 2083 part 9.1 "Terms and defintions"; p.9]

Cleanroom compatibility, on the other hand, "serves to assess the suitability of a piece of equipment for use in cleanrooms specified in accordance with a technical rule for assessing the air cleanliness. For the purposes of this guideline, the classification is based on the particle emission." [source: VDI 2083 part 9.1 "Terms and defintions"; p. 10]  Cleanroom suitability tests of these products essentially assesses the influence on the production environment. These can thus be assessed with regard to their use in the clean environment with a defined airborne particulate cleanliness class.

The result of the investigations is  a transparency and comparability of the purity properties of operating and production equipment. The places where most contaminations are suspected are scanned. This is followed by a representative grouping of all measured points of measurement. After the evaluation of these measuring points, the worst measuring point is revealed. This is then used for a 100 minute measurement to classify the component. The results confirm whether the product can be used in a clean environment without worsening ist results.

Our procedure

Before checking the particle emission of a piece of equipment or system, it must be prepared for the measurements. These preparations include unpacking and infiltrating the cleanroom, cleaning, starting and endurance test (electrical and/ or pneumatic controls) in consultation with the manufacturer. The assessment of the enclosed operating and service documents from the point of view of cleanliness often results in instructions for the customer.

The product/ system is delivered, unpacked and subjected to a visual inspection (determination of possible particle sources, resistance of the air flow and inspection of the overall structure). The "ACTUAL" condition is then documented and recorded. Depending on the complexity, our customers have to unpack and assemble these products. Afterwards, the products are cleaned step by step before they can be brought into the ISO class 1 cleanroom. Now the final assembly takes place so that this product can work in its normal working condition. After the configurations, the product is cleaned again in order to exclude all foreign contaminations. Only now is the particulate detection started.

After planning and preparation, the measurements are carried out. This includes:

  • Measurement of the environmental conditions at the time of the investigation: the temperature, air humidity and downstream velocity are measured as well as the determination/ verification of the cleanroom class at the installation site.
  • Checking the air cleanliness class: scanning by means of an optical particle counter determining the measuring points and carrying out the classification measurement.
  • Documentation with a statistical evaluation of the measurement results and a summary
  • Suggestions for optimisation if the required ISO class is not achieved

The right solution for your process

Based on measurements and tests, the test specimen is classified with an air cleanliness class according to the DIN EN ISO 14644-1 guideline. A COLANDIS certificate is issued on the basis of this classification. Your tested product also receives the rating „cleanroom tested“. Optionally, an additional certificate from TÜV SÜD can be issued.

COLANDIS as a partner – the „cleanroom tested“ certificate and what proof does it contain? 

This certificate confirms that your materials, components, machines and equipment meet certain technical requirements and can be used in a specified environment. On the certificate you can see which particulate cleanliness class of the air is achieved in the various areas and in which operating condition this ISO class was achieved. Furthermore you can see the suggested interval for the next maintenance.

COLANDIS is a completely independent company and is not subject to any other company or organisation. We guarantee complete independence with regard to our measurement services.

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- Measurements and certification according to VDI 2083 und ISO 14644
- Measurements of differential pressure, filter tightness, temperature, humidity, particles, ... 


- enables you to provide certified proof to your customers


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