clean air to go - rental cleanroom environments

clean air to go

Often cleanrooms are only needed for a short period of time and must be available quickly. For this purpose, COLANDIS GmbH has developed two different rental models which help the customer to fulfil sporadic assignments. The term "clean air to go" refers to the two versions for renting a clean environment.

What are rental cleanrooms and where do they apply?

Often pure environments are only needed for a short period of time, for example to cover order peaks, to carry out maintenance work or to cover repair work in one's own pure environment and at the same time continue to produce under pure conditions.

Such a rental cleanroom can be used in a variety of ways, including manufacturing, measurement and testing, as well as research and development. Flexibility, mobility and fast availability are enormous advantages over a permanently installed, clean environment.

We have summarized further advantages and application areas for mobile cleanrooms in our whitepaper.

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To be able to cover such fields of application and to cover a temporary need of a clean environment, COLANDIS has developed two systems which help you to temporarily secure your process and supply it with clean air.


Rental cleanroom with fixed wall elements

The rental cleanroom with fixed wall elements offers the possibility to build a clean environment within a very short time. A clean environment can be built quickly and easily without long preparation and assembly times.

The rental cleanroom is limited to a width of approx. 4 m. The floor area is about 20 m². Within the rental cleanroom an air cleanliness class 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644 can be achieved. Depending on the process, this can also be cleaner and thererfore better.

What extensions are there?

The rental cleanroom can be enlarged from 20 m² to 50 m². Additional wall elements make it possible to increase the length, as the cleanroom is limited to about 4 m in width due to the filter wall.

Can the cleanroom be increased?

The rental cleanroom is available in 3 different heights.

  • Basic variant with an internal dimension of approx. 2.50 m.
  • Rental variant with elevation and an internal dimension of approx. 3 m.
  • Lower rental variant with an internal dimension of approx. 2.24 m.

Rental cleanroom with flexible wall elements

In addition to the conventional rental cleanroom with fixed wall elements in the familiar cleanroom design, COLANDIS offers a further rental model - the flexible rental cleanroom. This flexible cleanroom, just like the conventional cleanroom, also consists of a filter wall. The difference here, however, is that the side and ceiling surfaces consist of a shell of transparent cleanroom foil. In addition to the internal pressure created by the filter wall, the system is also held by separate, airtight carrying tubes to prevent the cover from collapsing in the event of a power failure. An attached sluice allows goods to be brought in and is used for dressing and lining the employees.

MietreinraumIn a flexible rental variant with an area of 12 x 8 m² and a height of 3.50 m, the cleanroom area is much larger than that of the variant with fixed wall elements.

Rental cleanroom with flexible elements


COLANDIS as partner

COLANDIS will be happy to help you find the right solution to meet your current need for a clean environment.

After only a short time you can set up, switch on and use the two variants. You rent the pure environments at a significantly lower price than with a purchase and thus only have running costs for a flexible rental period.

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