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Do you want to create a clean environment quickly, easily and for a certain period of time? Rent a cleanroom.

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Many companies are faced with the problem of having to work under a clean environment for only a short period of time. Emergencies or order peaks (e.g. for commissioning, cleaning or short-term failure of their own existing clean environment) must be bridged. The quality of the own process and product should not be affected. The rental cleanroom is ideally suited for such situations!

With the help of this rental cleanroom a clean environment can be created quickly. Long set-up and dismantling times are unnecessary, as is the purchase of a new, permanent and above all cost-intensive cleanroom environment.

Functionality of the rental cleanroom

The rental cleanroom is quick and easy to use in (almost) any environment. It is delivered in 2 rollable transport containers. One of the containers includes the filter wall, which can be opened quickly and easily. The second transport container contains the side and ceiling elements. Thanks to its plug-in connections, the cleanroom can be set up within a few minutes.

The filter surface, the integrated lighting and an electrostatically dissipative floor stabilise the rental cleanroom and enable it to be used in any environment - indoors.

Thanks to its powerful fan-filter modules, a horizontal air flow is generated. Even in the front area of the room, which is often used as a sluice area, an air cleanliness class ISO 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (depending on the process taking place in it) can be achieved. A higher air cleanliness class can even be achieved near the filter.

The right solution for your process

The rental cleanroom has a floor space of approx. 20 m², but can be enlarged to an area of approx. 50m² by adding further wall elements. The filter wall limits the width to approx. 4m. The height is 2.50m, but it can also be extended and can be increased to 3m.

Should these dimensions not be possible for you, or should you require a larger rentable pure area, we would be pleased to offer you our flexible rental solution.

Areas of application

The rental cleanroom offers the best conditions for reproducible quality of your product and can be used in laboratory or industrial environments without special advance services. Demanding manufacturing, measuring or testing tasks can be carried out in this room - and within a short time.

Your advantage

  • Order – Deliver – Set up – Switch on – Benefit, after few days
  • Rent at a reasonable price instead of investing
  • Only running Costs
  • Fast availability
  • Flexible rental period

Watch the Video showing the construction of the cleanroom:


Mobile Cleanroom structure video on YouTube (3:28 min)

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- horizontal displacement flow
- delivery in 2 rollable transport containers
- set up in less than 1 hour
- up to air cleanliness class ISO 5


- area can be increased up to 50 m²
- customised adjustment possible (e.g. black surfaces for laser applications)


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