Fan-Filter-Module FFM-I

Integrated modules for producing low particle environments

The FFM-I module can be attached to minienvironments, machines or systems through holes in the base plate.

  • Easily integratable protection against harmful particles
  • Stacking of a base plate, filter and frame and the fan plate
  • Stud bolts stabilise the assemblies to a firm unit
  • Can be individually adapted to customer-specific dimensions
  • Optional installation of speed controller and pressure monitoring possible
  • Optional use of wide-range power supplies for connecting different supply voltages
  • Large air throughput thanks to powerful fans in EC design
  • Data Sheet: In our data sheet you will find all  necessary technical data such as dimensions, operating voltage, weight, protection class, air outlet speed, connection etc.

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Your process is our focus. Only if we understand it in detail, we'll find the best clean solution for your requirements: "The best cleanroom is the one that you don't need!" This is why we always keep the solution as small as possible instead of just “thinking in terms of cleanrooms”.

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For more than 20 years we have implemented a wide variety of cleanroom technology concepts and solutions for a wide variety of requirements. Based on this experience we developed the individually adaptable FFM-I module.



We develop and design reliable, long-lasting fan-filter-modules, which we install professionally on your premises. You always receive a tailor-made solution. Our services also include cleanliness suitability tests and regular maintenance according to contract.



Our fan-filter-modules are particularly flat and can be implemented exactly where you need the air supply. The modules are available in different surfaces, sizes and with multiple features. All modules can be adapted to your processes and requirements.

Solutions that are based on your requirements

Your request will be discussed immediately in our daily internal meeting and evaluated with regard to cleanroom, flow type and classification.

A face-to-face-meeting might be helpful to discuss existing problems and to develop necessary solutions. We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to develop the optimal concept for you.

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