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In many industries, the development of modern technologies requires the production of highly sensitive components under strictly clean conditions. However, imposing cleanroom conditions on an entire process chain is necessary only in the rarest of cases and often not the ideal solution either. It often suffices to consciously limit clean conditions to individual process steps and thus save costs and valuable resources. COLANDIS offers a highly efficient local solution for these cases.

Operation of a minienvironment

Minienvironments offer the possibility of fully shielding a single process and thus excluding external environmental influences. An individual enclosure for the area to be protected or the process plant is developed in a first step. In a second step, conditioned clean air flows through it vertically or also horizontally via an optimized arrangement of specially developed fan-filter modules. This way, we ensure a clean environment up to an air purity of ISO class 1 (according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1), specifically tailored to the process and independent of prevailing cleanliness conditions in your shop floor.

The right solution for your process

The actually required cleanliness standard and the scope of the associated measures in production results from a detailed review of the process chain and the product to be manufactured. Different requirements and needs of the process section and also of the previous and following process steps are considered. In close cooperation with trained staff, we develop a concept with you which perfectly implements the cleanliness requirements of your process.

Advantages of a minienvironment

As the name suggests, the size of a minienvironment is a decisive advantage in terms of saving costs and resources. The technical and energetic effort is significantly reduced as compared to a conventional cleanroom. As a matter of fact, an individual minienvironment solution by COLANDIS offers many more advantages for your process:

  • air purity class ISO 1 (according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1) can be achieved
  • minimum setup space limited to the actual requirement of the clean environment
  • optimized flow concept (laminar flow possible)
  • specific adaptation of the climate conditions for each individual process step
  • integrated monitoring of climate data and of all clean air parameters possible

Areas of application

If a cleanroom is considered for a manufacturing process, it is always worthwhile to think about the alternative of a minienvironment solution. In many areas of the semiconductor industry, unique concepts have already been implemented which exploit the advantages as compared to cleanrooms in the most efficient way. Through the adaptation of this local cleanroom environment, specific requirements can be implemented faster and more accurately particularly with regard to the effect on the product itself.

COLANDIS as a partner

COLANDIS’ minienvironment is an individual solution to transfer each process into a clean environment. We will be happy to advise you in the field of cleanroom technology and the possibilities of reaching your goals using appropriate measures.

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- locally limited, cost-effective process solution
- adaptable to any process


- as single workstation or
- enclosure of machinery and equipment



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