Black Fan-Filter-Module FFM-C

For measuring tasks in optics, laser testing and aerospace industries

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This special Fan-Filter-Module (FFU) was developed for applications, which don't have to be particlefree only, but dark as well. They were realized for areas where unintentional light reflections are undesirable.

It is not new to design a lightproof room with black surfaces of less reflection. But if there are clean conditions needed additionally, there is a problem: The particulate air filter, which has a white filter media, produces an unintentional lightness due to an additive source of light.

So far, there has not been any technical solution for this problem. We took this challenge up and have developed a completely black Fan-Filter-Module.

  • black frame
  • black grid
  • black laminarisator between filter and grid

Please note: The black Fan-Filter-Module corresponds with its white pendant FFM-C.

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- completely black
- particularly flat (200mm)
- powerful fans with GreenTech - EC technology
- available in different sizes


- Optics production    (quality tests of optical components under exclusion of interference light)  

- Laser tests 
(prevention or reduction of reflections on surfaces)

- aerospace
(tests of star sensors under exclusion of  extraneous light


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