Measurements of cleanrooms and clean environments

Cleanroom testings and qualifications are your proof of the required cleanliness within a cleanroom

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Measurements and qualifications in cleanrooms and clean environments serve to prove the airborne particulate cleanliness class. This verification is carried out, for example, after installation and maintenance, but also at regular intervals during the operation of a clean environment. In this way, quality losses due to particle contamination can be avoided, because changes in cleanroom technology, the production process or the changed, faulty behaviour of employees in the clean environment have a significant influence on air quality.

Our approach

The (re-)qualification assesses the quality of the room. The airborne particles are counted on the basis of these cleanroom measurings. Subsequently, a particulate cleanliness class according to DIN EN ISO 14644 can be determined on the basis of these results.

The cleanroom measurings and testings include:

  • the visual inspection of the room, as well as the optical inspection of the filters and pre-filters. In addition, there are preliminary testings such as checking the airflow and air velocity, determining the number of air changes, the differential pressure test and the sealing fit of the filters.
  • This is followed by counting the number of airborne particles in full operational readiness of the rooms. Particle size ranges from 0.1 µm to 10.0 µm can be measured.
  • On the basis of the statistical evaluation and according of these testings, the airborne particulate cleanliness class according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 is determined. The results are compiled in a test report.
  • In addition, climate parameters (temperature/ relative humidity) can be measured, sound pressure levels measured, recovery times recorded and the number of germs in the air and on surfaces determined.
  • Further safety qualifications can be measured, such as ESD measuring in the room and on a wide variety of components.

The right cleanroom testing solution for your process

You too should have your cleanroom (re-)qualified on a regular basis in order to ensure that you achieve the required air cleanliness class. This gives you the security of adhering to the required parameters and of protecting your products and processes from contamination, impurities and environmental influences, such as particles, in accordance with the requirements.

COLANDIS as a partner

The COLANDIS GmbH offers you:

  • Cleanroom testings and measurings according to prescribed standards according to VDI 2083 sheet 3 and sheet 9.1 as well as DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and 14644-3
  • Survey of results with currently calibrated and certified measuring equipment
  • Measurements in different operating conditions of the cleanroom (supply, idling, production)
  • Cyclical inspection for the re-qualification according to agreement and/ or service contract

Get in touch with us. We will be happy to support you in assessing your environment. As a result, you will receive a detailed protocol with a graphical representation of all testing results.

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- Masurement and certification according to VDI 2083 and ISO 14644
- Measurements of 
differential pressure, 
filter sealing seat, temperature, moisture, particles, ...


- enables the certified proof to your customers


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