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Creating a clean environment is one part of the job. But adapting this pure environment to the process and keeping it pure is the other. Therefore, COLANDIS not only advises you in creating a clean environment, but also helps you to keep it as clean as possible.

We support our customers in all their questions about cleanroom technology. From the analysis to the finished product, we offer extensive knowledge. In the field 'service for clean air' we support our customers in the best possible way with our services around their clean environment.

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Every success starts with a good plan. We develop this plan together with you and adapt the pure environment to your process together with you. Thus no unnecessarily large cleanroom with enormous construction and maintenance costs is created. Customer-specific solutions protect the process from harmful particles. Our credo is "The best cleanroom is the one you don't need."


How we support you with the planning of such a pure environment and proceed thereby, you can find in our blog.

Blog "8 rules you should know when planning a cleanroom"

Existing environments can als be improved and air purity increased with minor modifications. We are happy to advise our customers on how to make clean environments as optimal as possible, to protect them from harmful particles and to eliminate weak points in purity.

Consulting for cleanrooms

Measurements of cleanrooms

A measurement within a cleanroom provides information as to whether the required air cleanliness class of the air is achieved. Are the processes within this environment comprehensively protected against harmful particles or is there a need for action? This question can be answered by a (re-)qualification measurement of the room. Based on the required ISO classification of the air and the size of the room, various measuring points are determined and the room and its air quality are checked.


This check can take place in various operating states:

  • as built: the cleanroom has been built, there are no machines and personnel in the cleanroom during the measurement, the cleanroom is in operation
  • at rest: the cleanroom is equipped with all machines and equipment, the cleanroom is in operation, there is no personnel in the cleanroom
  • in operation: the cleanroom is fully operational with all its machinery and equipment as well as the personnel, it is produced

Would you like to know more about how to perform such a measurement? Then click here:

Measurements of cleanrooms

Measurement of equipment

Whether a machine or plant or unit is suitable for use in a clean environment can only be determined on the basis of a measurement. Such a measurement – a cleanliness suitability test – assesses equipment for its use in a clean environment. Using an optical particle counter, the equipment is scanned and the classification measurement carried out at the previously defined measuring points.

Zertifizierungssiegel_RGB_ohne Hintergrund

After the measurement has been completed, the equipment is classified according to the ISO 14644-1 guideline and a protocol is issued. The product also receives the predicate "cleanroom tested".

Measurement of equipment

In addition to the measurements required to classify the equipment, we can also check your product for antistatic (ESD). The static charge is checked and evaluated with a special measuring method and measuring equipment.

Cleaning of components

There is often the assumption that a pure environment always remains pure. But this is not the case. Machines within a clean environment should also be cleaned regularly to ensure the particle cleanliness class of the environment. In our cleaning laboratory such cleanings can be carried out to ensure the quality of your product and process. Cleaning your components, assemblies or machines on site is also no problem for us.

Cleaning of components


Since the purity of your product is our top priority in every process step, we thoroughly clean all our components and assemble them in our production hall under clean conditions in an air cleanliness class ISO 8.

You can find out how important cleaning is and how it takes place in our free Whitepaper "Cleaning Laboratory".

 Whitepaper "Cleaning Laboratory"

Staff Training

People who work in a pure environment must be extensively trained to behave correctly in such environment, as humans are considered to be the greatest source of contamination. The particles and movements of the employee on the body can seriously endanger the particle cleanliness class. Extensive training is required to reduce this risk. This includes not only the correct putting on of clothing, but also correct behaviour with regard to passenger traffic, eating and drinking, movements, illness and materials.


 The training of the personnel is therefore enormously important, because "the best cleanroom is only as good as the people who work in it."


Staff Training



The quality of cleanrooms and clean environments can be assured by regular inspections. This is the only way to guarantee a flawless production process. Maintenance serves to maintain the functionality of the machine or environment. The probability of a loss of production due to defective machines can thus be reduced. A regular functional test and maintenance of your clean environment and cleanroom technology is therefore an important point for maintaining your air cleanliness class.

More about maintenance

COLANDIS as your partner for air quality assurance

With our services we support you to ensure your clean environment and to protect your product and your process from harmful particles. With our extensive knowledge in the field of cleanroom technology, we are happy to advise you.


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