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Bodybox has been developed to allow performing holistic measurements on clothing, persons or individual devices. It allows counting the particles explicitly emitted by the test specimen or the device and thus determining its cleanroom suitability.

Operating mode of a Bodybox

The two fan-filter modules integrated in the ceiling provide clean air supply within the cabin. Since the ceiling is almost completely occupied with filters, this causes a low-turbulence vertical displacement flow with air cleanliness class 1 according to DIN EN ISO 146441 in the test room.
The air flows through the grated floor of the chamber loaded with the particles emitted by the test specimen. Number and size of airborne particles can be measured at a defined taper of the return flow duct using a particle counter. The lock adjacent to the test room is used as the flowback area to the filter units. The thus rotating filtration of the same air mass leads to a steadily high cleanliness quality in the test room.

Funktionsweise Bodybox.pngAdvantages of a Bodybox

With targeted measurements using the holistic method, the real particle contamination through humans in a clean air environment can be substantiated in the Bodybox.  The circulating air principle ensures a long service life of the filter medium.
Plug connections allow quick assembly and disassembly of the chamber. It is therefore suitable for short-term use, for example, for external measurement and test tasks.

Areas of application

The Bodybox can be used in any environment. An important area of application is the examination of complete devices or modules regarding their particle emission per unit of time. Thanks to the Bodybox, disturbing influences from the environment, e.g., cross-flowing particle sources, can be minimised. Hence, long-term measurements and measurements on devices with moving parts can be performed easily.

Thanks to the option of visualising the particle emission of a person with and without cleanroom clothing, it is also ideally suited for training cleanroom staff. Basic theories can be explained with a practical orientation.

COLANDIS as a partner

We will be happy to customise the Bodybox to your needs and requirements and equip it with measurement technology, interior and cleanroom clothing as you wish.

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- 100% coverage of the ceiling
- up to air cleanliness class ISO 5 and better


- for assessment of technical equipment and of personnel in terms of particle emission


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