Mini-Fan-Filter-Module (FFU)

Small modules for clean air with little space available

Thanks to their compact height, the small modules can be adapted to various environments where space is limited. They can be transported even in the tightest of spaces, such as a briefcase, and provide a mobile clean air supply.

  • Particularly easy to integrate in a confined space environment to protect against harmful particles
  • 2 different types with compact design, which can be converted by exchanging the fan and fan back wall
  • Standardized use of particulate air filter HEPA H13 or activated carbon filter
  • Speed Control via integrated potentiometer
  • Operating voltage via battery operation
  • Very flexible attachment possible with hanger at 3 different places
  • Data sheet: In our data sheet you will find all the necessary technical data such as dimensions, operating voltage, weight, protection class, air discharge velocity, connection, etc.

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Your process is our focus. Only if we understand it in Depth, we can find the optimum cleanroom solution for your requirements. The right solution for you can even supply a shoe box with clean air. Contact us and we will find the right solution together with you.

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In more than 20 years, we have implemented a wide variety of cleanroom technology concepts and solutions for the most diverse requirements. These were large cleanrooms or particularly small local cleanroom solutions. With our mini-module we want to reduce the clean air supply even further to a minimum.



We develop and design reliable, long-lasting fan-filter-modules, which we professionally attach to you so that you always receive a custom-fit solution. Our service also includes cleanliness tests and regular maintenance according to contract.



Our fan-filter-modules are particularly flat and can be implemented exactly where you need the air supply. The modules are available in 2 different versions and can be adapted to your processes and requirements.

Solutions for your process and requirements

Your inquiry will be discussed immediately in our daily internal meeting and evaluated with regard to cleanroom, flow type and classification. We can then contact you within two working days to ask for further details and/or to arrange a visit to your site, if necessary.

The latter can be particularly important in order to illustrate any existing problems and to develop the necessary solutions.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to develop the optimum concept for you to achieve the required air purity.

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