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More and more areas of industry require increasingly environmental conditions in which the concentration of airborne particles is kept as low as possible. These conditions can be realized in cleanrooms. According to VDI 2083-1, a cleanroom is a „room with a defined concentration of airborne particles, so designed and used as to minimise the numer of particles carried into, or generated in, the room, and deposited in the room, and where other parameters relevant to cleanliness, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure are controlled as required.“ This construction can be adapted to the different requirements with different solutions:

Cleanrooms according to customer request

Reinraum mit 9 m Höhe

Different requirements and conditions require different approaches. Together with our customers we find the most effective solution to protect their process against harmful particles. This can be done with different materials – hardwall or softwall – in different sizes, with different air cleanliness classes or with different air flows. COLANDIS offers every customer a customized, high-quality cleanroom solution.

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Hardwall Cabins


With this cleanroom solution you can quickly and easily create a clean environment to protect your process. Different sizes and requirements can be realized. Thanks to the modular construction of the wall elements, hardwall cabins can be adapted as required. The modular elements allow a simple construction and the extension with increasing demand. For example, different air cleanliness classes can be realized as well as different air flows.

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Softwall Cabins


A pure environment does not always have to consist of fixed wall elements but can also be realized with a flexible softwall solution. Wall elements made of PVC cleanroom curtains or strip curtains seal off the clean area from the surroundings. Thanks to the flexible materials, the exhaust air can easily escape under the foils. Softwall Cabins are likewise adaptable to different processes and are suitable up to an air cleanliness class ISO 5 (according DIN EN ISO 14644-1).

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Clean Tent


With the CleanTent – or cleanroom tent – a clean environment can be created quickly and easily, for example for repair and maintenance work, thanks to its frame structure of profiled tube and flexible surface elements. The dismountable and transportable cleanroom cabin is supplied with clean air thanks to fan-filter modules. Thus, an air cleanliness class of ISO 5 can be achieved inside. However, the CleanTent should not be used as a permanent solution, because the ventilation concept is designed for short-term work.

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