The effcicient and space-saving solution for your requirements for particle cleanliness.

  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-FFM-C-verschiedene-Groessen
  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-FFM-C-15263
  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-mit-Vorfilter
  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-FFM-C-15542

The Fan-Filter-Modules of this series are used for clean air in cleanrooms, equipment, minienvironments and workplaces. The modules with its low height are particularly suitable for cleanroom with low ceilings and equipment with limited space. The modules are available in various sizes and configurations with powerful fans with forward-looking GreenTech EC technology.

We have developed a black Fan-Filter-Module FFM-C for special requests for clean environments, which have to be particlefree and dark.

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- particularly flat
- powerful fans with GreenTech - EC technology
- available in different sizes and equipment


- for clean air supply in premises, equipment and minienvironments


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