Adaptable to different environments

The FFM-C module is suitable for cleanrooms, systems, minienvironments and workplaces. With its particularly flat dimensions, it is the efficient and space-saving solution for the highest demands on particle purity.

  • Built-in particulate filters guarantee optimal air filtration
  • Leading GreenTech-EC-Technology
  • Connections and functions can be combined according to customer requirements (e.g. night reduction, pressure switch to control the fan function)
  • Speed control via external signal or integrated potentiometer (depending on equipment variants)
  • Optionally with pre-filters (ISO ePM1 >= 50 %)
  • Adaptable to different environments
  • Frame and filter form a unit 
  • Particularly flat (200 mm)
  • Largely standardized sizes
  • Different sizes (also customer tailored) available
  • Data Sheet: In our data sheet you will find all  necessary technical data such as dimensions, operating voltage, weight, protection class, air outlet speed, connection etc.

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COLANDIS - your solution provider for clean air supply

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We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of cleanroom technology and have successfully implemented an endless number of clean air solutions for various applications. Thanks to our broad service portfolio, from advice and measurement to individual training, we know exactly what the requirements of pure environments are.



Your process is our top priority. We take the time to understand your processes and find the best solution for you jointly. Our mantra is "The best cleanroom is the one that you don't need". We don't think in cleanrooms but keep the solution as small as possible.



We place the highest quality requirements on our fan-filter-modules. Many of the modules have been running reliably for over 15 years. Such a long life circle is based on regular maintenance that COLANDIS is carrying out according to the customer's maintenance contract. This is how we ensure the required air purity class and reduced downtimes.




With our patented fan-filter-modules we offer extremely flat solutions for protecting processes. They can also be individually adapted to your processes. The air supply always has to be implemented where it is needed and not where space is simply available.

Our approach: Individual assessment and advice

We discuss our customers' inquiries on a daily meeting and usually get in touch with you as soon as possible. When we have all necessary details, we evaluate your request in terms of cleanroom requirements, flow type and classification. Depending on the ambient conditions, required air purity, space  etc., we will find the perfect solution for you, whether standardized or individually adapted to your needs.

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