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Spatially limited cleanroom environment for your clean work process

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A complete cleanroom is not always necessary if you want to work under cleanroom conditions. Laboratory, manufacturing, assembly or test tasks can be performed with a clean air workbench at relatively low cost.

Operation of a clean air workbench

Clean air workbenches operate according to the principle of low-turbulence displacement flow with a vertical or horizontal air flow. Thus, they create clean conditions exactly where they are required. They are therefore particularly suitable for tasks where product protection is key.

The right solution for your process

The workbench consists of a solid item aluminium profile frame. The surfaces are optionally available in PVC rigid foam or PMMA surface elements or glass. The front is divided into two surfaces and can be lifted up completely thanks to supporting gas pressure absorbers for unrestricted equipping of the workbench. In conjunction with a vertical air flow, the floor is designed in a stainless steel perforated plate to ensure consistent extraction of air and the flow direction across the entire area.

Special requirements call for individual solutions. Therefore, COLANDIS, among others, offers the following special designs of clean air workbenches:

  • as a table-top design or design without tabletop
  • as a design with black components for optical applications
  • as an ionization system and system with special lighting (e.g., yellow light)
  • as systems with extraction areas, folding side surfaces, air baffle plates or front flaps
  • and also as an individual solution

Advantages of a clean air workbench

Frequently, process chains only require a clean working environment in certain areas. Limiting those locally to such an area using clean air workbenches entails significant advantages. Cost associated with the purchase or later operation can be reduced to the necessary minimum for the process. The complete covering of the ceiling with fan-filter modules creates a stable laminar air flow within the workbench which would entail comparatively higher technical efforts in a cleanroom with staff. 
Thanks to the powerful fan-filter modules, the space-saving clean air workbenches can achieve air purity class 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1.

Areas of application

The cleanroom workbench is suitable for the assembly, inspection and cleaning of sensitive components and assemblies, but also for work with highly precise optical test equipment. The custom design allows realising different working heights.

COLANDIS as a partner

We offer you tailored solutions for your work under clean conditions. This can be both single-user workbenches in 2 standard sizes but also special solutions which we customise individually to your processes. Please refer to our data sheet for more Information.

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- up to air cleanliness class ISO 5 (according DIN EN ISO 14644-1)
- 2 different widths available as standard solutions


- for assembly and maintenance works as well as
- manufacturing and measuring tasks of components and products


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