Clean Air Workbench

Spatially limited cleanroom environment for your clean work process

A complete cleanroom is not always necessary in order to be able to work under clean conditions. Laboratory, manufacturing, assembly or testing tasks can be carried out with relatively little effort with a clean air workbench.

The right solution for your process

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Your advantages

A pure working environment is only required in certain sections of a process chain very often. Limiting these sections to such an area locally with a clean air workbench has many advantages. Costs for acquisition or later operation can be reduced to the minimal effort required for the process. The complete ceiling covering with fan-filter-modules generates a stable laminar flow within the workbench. The airflow in a cleanroom with personnel would mean a comparatively higher technical effort.

Due to the powerful fan-filter-modules the space-saving clean air workbench can achieve air purity class 5 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1.



The workstation consists of a solid item aluminium profile framework. The surfaces are optionally made with PVC rigid foam or PMMA surface elements or glass. The front is divided into two areas and can be opened completely using gas pressure dampers. In connection with a vertical air flow, the floor is made with a stainless steel perforated plate in order to guarantee the even removal of the air and the direction of flow over the entire surface.



We offer you tailor-made solutions for your work under clean conditions. That can be individual workstations in 2 sizes or special solutions which we adapt individually to your process. You can find further information about in our data sheet.



Special demands require individual solutions. Therefore COLANDIS offers following special designs for clean air workbenches:

  • As a table-top version or as a version without table-top
  • As a version with black components for optical applications
  • With ionization and/or special lighting (e.g. yellow light)
  • As systems with extraction areas, foldable side panels, air deflectors or front flaps
  • And we also offer individual solutions especially for you


  • Up to cleanliness air class ISO 5 (according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1)
  • Available in 2 standard sizes and as a special solution


  • For assembly and inspections
  • Manufacturing and measuring tasks for components and products


Get the data sheet

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Which air purity cleanliness classes can be achieved?
It depends a lot on the process. However, air cleanliness classes up to ISO 5 and beyond are possible.
Is also a horizontal air flow possible?
Yes, in many cases the horizontal airflow is even preferable to the vertical airflow.
Can a workplace be designed to be conductive throughout?
Yes, all surfaces and profiles can be made of dissipative materials and installed accordingly.
Do the workplaces have lighting?
On request, we can offer you indiviual lighting. Selectable in illuminance (lx) and light colour.

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