As part of the further development of our product portfolio, we have left well-trodden paths and sensibly integrated the Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT) into our range. The result is a multifunctional solution that goes far beyond the usual control and monitoring of fan-filter-modules (FFU). The data is securely networked and passed on to a data platform, where the parameterization of the units and evaluation of the data takes place.

A distinction can be made between 3 different products:

  • ConnectedAir for integration in fan-filter-modules
  • ConnectedAir for monitoring of a clean environment
  • Monitoring as a Service

What is ConnectedAir?

  • Combined control and monitoring system for any purity system
  • Control system with industrial IoT functionality for control, regulation and monitoring of e.g. fan-filter-modules
  • Integrated room pressure and temperature control of fan-filter-modules
  • Control and integration of other external components possible

Due to progressive networking, it is no longer necessary to be constantly on site to assess the quality of the filters or fans. The new system makes it possible to make a judgement about the system even from a distance. With access to the portal, knowledge is gained about the data and settings. This simplifies troubleshooting in the event of a malfunction. Downtime costs and costs for additional travel by service technicians can be reduced. Necessary spare parts can be ordered in advance to prevent a breakdown and to ensure a constant air quality.

ConnectedAir as integration in fan-filter-modules

The system is integrated into the fan-filter-modules. ConnectedAir digitises clean environments to generate higher transparency, quality and efficiency while reducing risks. The integration into the modules offers the following possibilities:

  • Control and monitoring of fan motors
  • Monitoring of filter pressure losses with predicitve maintenance (calculation of the service life of the pre-filters and main filters)
  • Possible volume flow control and monitoring of each individual fan-filter-module
  • Comissioning and monitoring of the cleanliness-related system and the control parameters as a remote service
  • Possibility of pressure control (on board) and control of external components (e.g. servomotors)
  • Temperature and relative humidity monitoring of each individual fan-filter-module
  • User admimistration including multiple roles and audit trail functionality and extended data analysis options

The integrated controller saves the data and takes over the control tasks. The parameterisation and monitoring of each individual fan-filter-module can be done via a web portal using any mobile device with internet access. The collected data is stored in the portal, evaluated and can be viewed at any time. The predictive maintenance module can be viewed in the portal, in which it is calculated on the basis of the data when an action (e.g. a filter change) is necessary.

ConnectedAir for room monitoring

In addition to the integration of ConnectedAir in fan-filter modules, a "room box" can be connected. This records further data at the "point of use" and provides information about environmental parameters of the room in real time. In this way, the various control and monitoring tasks in a cleanroom-system can be guaranteed without great effort via a single system with excellent operation.


This ensures and documents the unrestricted and trouble-free functioning of the clean environment. The data from the roombox is forwarded via WLAN to a router with an integrated SIM-card. This router sends the data securely to the access-protected portal, where the data can be retrieved from any internet-enabled device. In the event of a deviation from defined target values, an alarm can be sent as an SMS, email or alarm output.

In this way production in a clean environment can also be completely verified for the end customer.

Monitoring as a Service

The room box is also offered as a rental solution for monitoring clean environments. With this, various room conditions such as pressure, temperature and humidity can be monitored in a simple way. Thanks to the linked technology used, no additional installation effort is required apart from a power supply. Data evaluation and alarms are sent via the ConnectedAir portal. Integration of further sensors is possible on request.


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