We want to contribute to the continuous optimization of current standards in cleanliness and cleanroom technology, as these do not always correspond to the current state of the art. In the process, we rely not only on our own expertise and many years of experience, but also on a joint collaboration with other experts. An exchange that profits us, our customers and the further development of cleanroom technology.

COLANDIS maintains memberships in associations, regularly exchanges ideas in specialist forums, has its own stands at trade fairs, imparts knowledge in lectures and seminars and is actively involved in working on guidelines for cleanroom technology.




  • AMA: AMA Verband für Sensorik und Messtechnik e.V.
  • BSBC: BadSaarowBridgeClub
  • ELMUG: Elektronische Mess- und Gerätetechnik Thüringen eG
  • GFWW: Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft e.V.
  • IVAM: IVAM e.V. Fachverband für Mikrotechnik
  • item pluspartner: Expertennetzwerk für industrielle Lösungen
  • Netzwerk Gesunde Arbeit
  • SEMI: Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International 
  • Silicon Saxony e.V.
  • VDMA: Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.


  • SEMICON Europa: The largest trade fair for semiconductor technology in Europe
  • W3+ Fair: Technology-based high-tech innovations in optics, photonics, electronics and mechanics
  • parts2clean: The place to meet for users and deciders when it takes a look at industrial parts and surface cleaning
  • Space Tech Expo: Europe's largest B2B event for the aerospace industry

Science/ education:

standard guidelines:

  • DIN: German Institute for Standardization
  • ISO: International Organization for Standardization
  • VDI: Association of German Engineers