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You can create a clean environment quickly and easily with our CleanTent. Repair and maintenance work can be carried out quickly on sensitive products. This dismountable and transportable cleanroom cabin is supplied with clean air inside by means of fan-filter-modules (FFU) and can therefore achieve an air cleanliness class of ISO 5. In the remaining area of the fan-filter-modules an air cleanliness class ISO 6 – 7 is achieved.

Operation of a CleanTent

The cabin is supplied with ultrapure air via fan-filter-modules that operate on the recirculation principle. The air inside the cabin is sucked in and filtered and discharged into the working area. Thus the cleaned air flows through the entire working area and is again sucked in and filtered by the fan-filter-modules.

The frame structure consists of a profile tube. Thus a high stability is achieved. The basic frame is simply structured and therefore easy to assemble or disassemble. The wall, ceiling and floor surfaces of the cabin are made of electrostatically conductive single-use PE-foil. The fan-filter-modules are suspended from the ceiling profiles.

The achievable particle cleanliness classes depend on the processes taking place in the working area, the use of materials suitable for cleanrooms, the installation conditions, the cleaning cycle, the behaviour of the employees and the cleanroom clothing used within the clean Environment and also from the environmental conditions themselves.

Areas of application for the CleanTent

The portable CleanTent is highly stable because of the frame structure made of round profiles. The CleanTent can be quickly and easily installed in any environment to meet the short-term needs of a clean environment. Such needs can be, for example, testing or maintenance of a device. The CleanTent can then be quickly and easily dismantled and stored in rollable, portable containers. 

Since there is no fresh air supply, do not use the unit permanently. We would be pleased to offer you alternative solutions for this, such as Softwall or Hardwall Cabins.

COLANDIS as a partner

COLANDIS also offers the right solution for your (short-term) need for a clean environment. The CleanTent can be adapted in height, width and length to your requirements and wishes.

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- consists of round frame structure, fan-filter-modules and PVC curtains and PE-foil
- delivery in 2 transportable cases


- for repair and maintenance works of sensitive products
- mountable within approx. 30 min.


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