For the use of commercially available computers in cleanrooms

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Technical devices such as computers are essential in clean environments as well. What is critical in this respect are the particles that originate and are emitted into the clean air during use. For this case, COLANDIS has developed an enclosure which extracts the airborne particles in the immediate vicinity of the computer and subsequently emits the filtered air back into the cleanroom.

Operation of a PC enclosure

The computer is enclosed by a tailored PMMA construction and thus spatially separated from the clean air area. A powerful fan-filter module then continuously extracts the contaminated exhaust air of the computer from the enclosure and blows this filtered air back into the cleanroom.

Advantages of a PC enclosure

Thanks to the PC enclosure, commercially available computers can be used in cleanrooms without hesitation. The enclosure prevents the uncontrolled contamination with airborne particles from the computer housing.
The two illustrations show how effectively the enclosure prevents the particle flow from an operating computer into the surrounding cleanroom.


COLANDIS as a partner

We will be happy to advise you personally and customise the dimensions of the enclosure specifically for the given case. Please refer to our data sheet for more technical information.

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- for computer sizes up to approx. 250 x 500 x 550 (WxDxH in mm)


- to use commercially available PC in cleanroom


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