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A clean environment is often associated with the requirement of a cleanroom. However, it can vary in size and equipment - from the size of a cabin up to height of 9 m and an integrated crane runway in the ceiling. Every clean environment has different installation conditions and requirements. Individually adapted solutions are developed together with our customers in order to protect their products in the best possible way.


HEPA- or ULPA-filters prepare the surrounding air and filter out the particles to protect sensitive products. The filters are integrated in fan-filter-modules (FFUs) that serve to supply clean air. They are the active elements in a cleanroom and ensure air filtration. With the help of these modules a horizontal or vertical air flow can be generated. The choice of air routing should depend on the process or product. The number of modules used depends on the required airborne particulate cleanliness class of the air. Different processes require different classes.

In additions to the fan-filter-modules, a cleanroom consists of wall elements, which can be firmly installed (hardwall), flexible (softwall) or a combination of firmly installed and flexible wall elements. Corresponding to the air outflow velocity allow the contaminated air to escape from the cleanroom by overpressure or the air is filtered again through the fan-filter-modules via flowback passages and reintroduced into the clean environment.

The right solution for your process

With the help of different materials for wall design, the cleanroom can be individually adapted to your requirements. For example, cleanrooms can be constructed with non-reflective (black) wall elements, which are often used in the optical industry or when working with lasers.

Further possibilities are variants of glass, plastic, aluminium and stainless steel


Due to their modular profile design, the cleanrooms built by COLANDIS profile system guarantee a high degree of flexibility and can be easily adapted to the requirements. A cleanroom can thus be enlarged or reduced in size with relatively little effort – depending on requirements. Processes can thus be provided with a clean environment and are available in all purity classes.


A large cleanroom is not always necessary. Often it is sufficient to supply only sub-processes with clean air. With these smaller solutions, investment and running costs can be saved compared to a large cleanroom. Such solutions can be, for example, a minienvironment or a clean air workbench. The economic efficiency should be considered in advance.

Also the running process should always be considered. Because it is usually not enough to place the machine in a cleanroom. This only protects the machine and not the process running in it from particles, since the purified air, through a usually existing flap on the machine, is only conducted past the process step. An extensive examination before the construction of a cleanroom is therefore extremely important.

Areas of application

Cleanrooms are used in various areas of industry. In the semiconductor industry, optics or automotive industry, for example, they have become indispensable. They are becoming increasingly important in many other industries.

COLANDIS as a partner

COLANDIS will be happy to advise you on possible solutions to protect your product / process and will work with you to develop the right concept for you.

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- approproate fan-filter-module assignment by individual adjustment of the air flow


- tailored solutions in high quality
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