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Because the best cleanroom is only good as the people who work in it.

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In order not to endanger the particulate cleanliness class of a cleanroom, several aspects have to be considered. Every single element within the clean environment can lead to contamination and cause lasting damage to the product through particles. In addition to the machines located in the cleanroom, it is above all the human being in the cleanroom represents the greatest source of contamination. A comprehensive training of the employees is therefore of enormous importance.

Staff in a cleanroom

Man is considered to be the greatest source of contamination in a pure environment. The particles present on the body and the movement of the employees can pose a serious threat to the particulate cleanliness class. This makes it more important to establish an appropriate dress code and clear rules of conduct.

How should employees behave in a cleanroom?

This is one of the main questions to be answered during the employees training. The following topics are also adressed:

  • Passenger traffic: Only trained personnel should be present in the cleanroom. The number of employees working in the cleanroom should also be kept to a minimum.
  • Personal: Personal items such as jewellery or food should be avoided in a cleanroom.
  • Food and beverages: Food and beverages should also be prohibited in the cleanroom.
  • Movement: Employees should move slowely in the clean environment, as a high intensity of movement leads to increased particle emission.
  • Disease: Entertaining ailments (coughing or sneezing) should be avoided and should never occur in the direction of the clean area. In the case of a long-term illness, the employee should be assigned to the company temporarily or for the long term.
  • Material: Only materials and objects that are necessary for the process should be stored in the cleanroom.
  • Other: Only special cleaning agents should be used for cleaning. In addition, only special paper and writing utensils should be used for notes.

COLANDIS as a Partner - How does such training take place?

Smocks or overall? Mask? Gloves? These are frequently asked questions when using a clean environment. However, there is no general answer to this question. Because the appropriate clothing depends on the clean environment. However, it is also particularly important that the clothing has been put on correctly and that the employees behave appropriately. Extensive training on such correct behaviour is of enormous importance.

Our cleanroom experts come to you and train your staff directly on site. We always adapt our training courses to your individual requirements and circumstances.

Your employees will gain an understanding of processes involved. It willl be shown how important appropriate behaviour is within your company.

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