Cleaning of components

With different cleaning and testing methods in our cleaning lab you can ensure your quality standards.

  • Cleaning of components
  • Manual cleaning
  • suction
  • cleaning of cases

We clean your parts and assemblies to your specifications in our cleaning lab, so your quality standards can be ensured. The cleaning lab is a cleanroom, where manual and mechanical cleaning of assemblies and machines is done. The assemblies are taken apart, cleaned and put back together. The components are packaged cleanroom suitable and send back to the customer with a certificate. These cleaning and testing procedures may include: ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical cleaning or examining the degree of contamination.

We constantly invest in research to develop cleaning further.

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  • Cleaning and inspection according to ISO 14644 and VDI 2083
  • Cleaning in the cleaning laboratory with the air purity class
    ISO 7
  • Cleaning in clean room with the air purity class
    ISO 5


  • Machines used in semiconductors are produced under clean room conditions
  • Only cleaned modules and ET are installed
  • Before packaging, the entire machine must be finally cleaned



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