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In order to continue ensuring the quality of a clean environment also in operation, it is important to provide appropriate cleanroom suitability of the inventory as well. Targeted industrial standards often set respective conditions already during the preliminary stages.

The personnel lock in any cleanroom bears the great risk of introducing particles from the outside in an uncontrolled manner. Thus, a strict concept should be followed especially in their planning and setup. Depending on the quality standard, there are possibilities from cleanroom hat stands, cabinets, mirrors for properly dressing in cleanroom clothing to step over benches for the separation of the floor area.

Frequently, storage and transport options are required in cleanrooms, which in their nature and procedure must not additionally contaminate product paths. The materials as well as the particle generation due to moving parts is particularly important in this respect. We offer a wide range of individual solutions in this area.

We will be happy to advise you in your future projects to make sure that your product is not contaminated carelessly along its path.

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