Fan-Filter-Module FFM-E

Your complete module with brushed stainless steel

  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-FFM-E-3x3
  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-FFM-E-12585
  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-FFM-E-13240
  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-FFM-E-13375
  • Luefter-Filter-Modul-FFM-E-13271

The complete modules are made of a brushed stainless steel case, the filter medium and the fan technology. They are used for production of low-particle environment in pure or cleanrooms, in equipment and facilities.

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- frame and fan plate made of brushed stainless steel
- any mounting position possible


- to produce low-particle environment in cleanrooms, equipment and systems


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