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In order to prevent production downtimes due to defective machines, machines and pure environments should be serviced regularly to ensure that production continues to run smoothly. Such maintenance serves to maintain the functionality of the machine or environment. Particle sources or disturbing influences can be detected and eliminated at an early stage. The risk of plant failure can thus be drastically reduced and the service life of the machine can be extended significantly.

How often should maintenance be carried out?

The interval at which you should have serviced your clean environment or machine depends on your process and your airborne particulate cleanliness class. The two guidelines ISO 14644 and VDI 2083-9.1 give advice on the intervals of inspection. For cleanrooms of ISO Class 1 to 5, a semi-annual check is recommended, while cleanrooms of ISO class 6 to 9 should be checked once a year. However, these are recommendations only.

Wear parts such as pre-filters, for example, should be serviced more frequently. Regular checks of the differential pressure or the air outflow velocity provide information about the condition of the pre-filters. A deterioration in the ISO class may also be linked to contamination of the prefilter.

Which cleanroom technology should be serviced?

Checking the quality of cleanrooms and clean environments such as minienvironments is particularly important to ensure a further flawless production process. But products such as fan-filter-modules should also be inspected.

COLANDIS as a Partner - How is maintenance carried out?

After consultation with you, we will gladly change the pre-filters and check the functionality of the fan-filter-modules.

The number of particles in the environment and the quality of the air are determined on the basis of measurements. This makes it possible to check whether the required airborne cleanliness class is achieved or whether there are defecits. We find these deficits and give you advice to avoid such particle contamination.

We help you to minimize your risk of failure and to check your devices and machines professionally. Contat us for more information. We will be happy to advise you.

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 For cleanrooms ISO class 1 to 5 a six-monthly check is recommended
- A cleanroom ISO class 6 to 9  should be tested every 12 months


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