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The mobile cleanroom-box is a space-saving solution for the production, assembly and testing of products with high cleanliness requirements. It offers the possibility to set up the required cleanroom workstation in any environment and hence prevent contamination by airborne particles from the environment.

Operation of a mobile cleanroom-box

A powerful fan-filter module with an H14 particulate air filter (optionally U16) leads filtered air horizontally through the box. Hence, depending on the working processes, air purity class 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 can be achieved in the work area. After consultation, however, also higher air purity classes are possible.

The right solution for your process

The mobile cleanroom-box enables flexible work organization of clean conditions. Three different sizes are available for selection and can optionally be equipped according to your requirements. For example, an undertable with castors allows quickly changing the location of the box. Also associated lighting units can easily be integrated into the box.

Advantages of a mobile cleanroom-box

In addition to the various application possibilities in different work areas, the mobile cleanroom-box offers more advantages as compared to stationary cleanroom environments:

  • it can be set up on any smooth sealed surface
  • no clean environment is required for Operation
  • simple handling of the cleanroom-box
  • depending on process requirements, size and features can be customised individually, e.g., design in black, flap to close

Areas of application

The mobile cleanroom-box is suitable for quick cleanroom solutions where space is limited. Specifically for laboratory work, e.g., for the production and assembly of small assemblies or for the control and cleaning of such, this clean air workstation is a cost-effective solution. Mobile cleanroom-boxes are also increasingly used for repairing cell phone displays. The organization of work by an easy change of the setup location enables flexible use in different production areas.

COLANDIS as a partner

We will be happy to advise you personally on our products and find a solution for your clean working process together.
Please see our data sheet available for download for further technical details and additional Information.

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- flexible work organization by change of place
- available in 3 standard models and as special solution
- up to air cleanliness class ISO 5



- Laboratory studies
- Manufacturing and assembly of small components and assemblies
- Inspection and cleaning processes


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