FFU Fan-Filter-Module FFM-S

For the application i.a. at a Wafer-Handling-System

  • filter wafer handling system
  • lüfter filter wafer

The small, light Fan-Filter-Module FFM-S can be integrated into an existing overall system to generate a ultrapure environment at the point-of-use. It can be assembled, for example, on a robot hand or a lift in a wafer-handling-system.

Operating principle of the Fan-Filter-Modules FFM-S

The filter's intake air flows through the enclosure's air duct and is filtered by the filter medium. The filtered outflowing clean air is led directly to the process via air baffles.

A differential pressure switch is integrated for function control. The function is made visible with an LED. A high airvolume is made possible with a powerful DC radial fan. The fan speed and therefore the FFU's air outflow velocity are regulated via potentiometer at the enclosure or externally via D-SUB connector.  A particulate air filter U 16 ensures an optimal air filtration. The fan plate and the enclosure are made of high-quality stainless steel. The Fan-Filter-Module is completely assembled and immediately operational.

The suitable solution for your process

The light Fan-Filter-Module FFM-S can be adapted to every process. This module is especially for applications with limited spaces. With its low weight of 6 kg it's suited perfectly for an application in Handling-Systems.

Advantage od the Fan-Filter-Modul FFM-S

The Fan-Filter-Module's dimensions are flexibly adaptable to customer requirements. Also it can be integrated perfectly into an existing system, because of its especially low construction.

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- adjustable to consumer requirements
- especially flat
- available in different sizes and features


- in Wafer-Handling-System


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