Our Production Conditions

Do you know where your products come from and which conditions they are produced under? COLANDIS tells you:

Cleanroom products are not always produced under clean conditions.

Differently at COLANDIS. Purity is always a priority during the entire production.

Already when planning the project everything is designed for the purity of your process environment. Design and choice of materials play an important role.

At the beginning of the process we perform extensive cleaning of all parts and assemblies. They are not just mopped but thoroughly cleaned. In addition, cleaning and assembly are carried out under clean conditions. Thus, our production environment has a range of air purity:

  • class ISO 8 (550 m²)
  • part of cleanliness class ISO 5 (35 m²)
  • air cleanliness class ISO 1 (20 m²) for cleanroom and cleanliness suitability tests

In addition, the company has a precision engineering workshop. So we can meet special customer's needs and adapt products to our customers' wishes and ideas.

The finished product is tested internally after completion, before it is delivered to you. Each fan-filter-module is checked for being leak-free, even though protocols are provided by the manufacturers, for example.

So we always make sure, that your product has the highest quality.


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