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The UV magnifying lamp for cleanrooms

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In many industries an exact inspection of components and assemblies is of enormous importance. Damaging particles can be enlarged, detected and removed with this magnifier light with LED. With the help of the lens of the magnifying lamp and its 2.25x magnification, you can control your components and assemblies during installation and assembly under white LED light or black UV light to ensure high product quality. A big problem often is, that particles only become visible under fluorescent light. This magnifying lamp provides a clear proof under UV light that there are no more particles on the surface of the workpiece.

Operation of the magnifying inspection lamp

The magnifying lamp consists essentially of an articulated arm, a foot switch, a magnifying glass, white light, which is produced by means of white LEDs 4000 K, and UV LEDs with 365 nm, which can be switched alternately. A touch switch also allows dimming of the white LED light. The movable swivel arm can be mounted on a table top or attached to a profile as a table lamp.

The luminaire generates a magnification of 2.25 times (5 dioptres) by means of its magnifying glass.  Damaging particles are clearly visible under 5 dioptres and can therefore be removed more specifically by the user.

The footswitch can be used to switch between white LED and UV light at lightning speed, in contrast to a conventional UV lamp. However, the UV light automatically switches itself off after 20 seconds. This time is classified as harmless, so wearing of protective glasses is not necessary. A switching back to white LED light earlier is possible with the foot switch at any time without problems.

In which industries can this magnifying lamp be used?

The magnifying lamp can be used in all pure areas of industry, for example as a workplace lamp or table lamp. In few seconds, it can be switched from white LED light illumination to UV illumination. Therefore the lamp can be used in bright, clean areas as well as in black areas, such as an inspection workstation. The magnifying lamp is particularly suitable as a workplace lamp or table lamp for use in areas where the focus is on component cleanliness. Even the smallest component faults can be made easily visible (e.g. on printed circuit boards).

What are the advantages of the magnifying lamp?

Due to the movable construction of the articulated arm, the magnifying lamp can be adapted to any body size and positioned individually.

The brightness of the light can also be adapted to individual conditions. The brightness can be regulated and switched on via a touch switch. In addition, the foot switch enables fast switching between white and UV light. It is not necessary to put the component to be inspected out of hand.

Thanks to its ring-shaped illumination, shadows are prevented so that the component can be inspected or cleaned as accurately as possible.

COLANDIS as a partner

We would be pleased to advise you on how to equip your pure environment with this luminaire with magnifying glass function.

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- 2.25x magnification
- White LED light and UV light possible 


- can be used in all pure industrial areas


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