Fan-Filter-Module with clean-air side replaceable filter- FFM-R

The Fan-Filter-Module FFM-R enables easy clean-air side change of the particulate air filter

The particularly flat and quiet fan-filter-module FFM-R is especially developed for the integration into cleanroom ceilings. The particulate filter can be exchanged quickly and easily from the clean air side.

  • Particularly flat (height only 157 mm) and quiet
  • HEPA filter can be exchanged from the clean air side without tools
  • Optimal air filtration through HEPA H14 filters
  • Data Sheet: In our data sheet you will find all necessary technical data such as dimensions, operating voltage, weight, protection class, air outlet speed, connection etc.

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Your process is focus of our work. We take the time to understand it and to find the best solution for you. We don't think in terms of cleanrooms but always keep the solution as small as possible according to our mantra: "The best cleanroom is the one that you don't need!"

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Our individual solutions for a wide variety of requirements are based on 20+ years of experience in the field of cleanroom technology. We offer particularly flat modules including easy-to-change particulate filters on the clean air side and the option of combining the connections and functions (e.g. pressure monitoring and speed control by means of a potentiometer) in a customer-specific manner.



We place the highest standards on our fan-filter-modules. Many of them have already been running reliably for more than 15 years. Our regular maintenance services help to extend life circles. We offer you comprehensive advice and tailor-made solutions to keep your process as clean as possible.



Our fan-filter-modules can be individually adapted to your specific processes. The particularly flat modules allow the air supply to be implemented exactly where you need it and the installation of ULPA or PTFE filters, optionally with a prefilter (ISO ePM1> = 50%) are also in our service spectrum.

We offer you process-tailored solutions and support

We discuss your request at our daily internal meeting and will get back to you as soon as possible. We analyse your process and advise comprehensively on standardised or individual solutions. 

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